Acknowledgement Of The God Is Being The Center Of My Life

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First, I would like to acknowledge the almighty God as being the center of my life. It is he-not me that made all principles of leadership. He has given me the ability to be able to endure the pressure of life and through it all ---I hope that in me everyone can see his goodness through me. Additionally, I would like to acknowledge that no one gets to great heights in whatever they are doing without some kind of help. With that being said, I would like to thank all the people that have supported me since my youth. Even when I did not act as a child of God, they must have seen something in me that I did not see for myself. Therefore, once again this could only be God. Along life’s many journeys, I have met some amazing people that have molded me into what I am today. Some have been good influences and I have learned by their examples. Others were bad influences and I have learned not to follow their examples. In any case, both are learning experiences. This thing called leadership is much like that. You will always be able to spot good and bad leaders. You will be able to distinguish between leaders and followers as well as follower who will become leaders. I must mention that I have a special relationship with my mother who mentored me from a young age impressing the importance of character over material needs and sustainment over superficial wants. She instilled in me that with God you have immeasurable ability and that you should dare to…

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