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ACME COMMUNICATIONS EQUIPMENT, INC CASE STUDY Identifying the Problems ACME Communications Equipment, Inc. appears to have a number of issues within their supply chain. ACME has one problem that is described as “considerable annoyance” to customers, their flawed order system. This is a huge issue that needs particular attention as the ordering process correlates directly with other problems ACME is facing. We will address this issue and others and attempt to correct the problems noticed. The order management system represents the principal means by which buyers and sellers communicate information relating to individual orders of product. According to the customer survey cited in the case, it appears the order process is the biggest…show more content…
Not being able to guarantee a delivery time/date can put a company’s reputation in jeopardy as they may not meet customer expectations. ACME’s packaging capabilities are well-regarded. However, mass merchant buyers have begun to use laser bar code scanners and want suppliers to adapt their packages to the new system of item identification, requiring preprinted bar codes on a non-reflective surface. This is particularly costly and ACME is unsure if complying is a justified cost. In a later section, we will make a case for why adapting their packages is a good idea. One last issue ACME is facing involves the integration of demand and supply. ACME business strategy has followed a traditional approach, selling product through a giant telecommunications monopoly (ATC). While the telecommunications environment has changed, they have not reacted proactively. They seem to lack the development of a supply chain capacity that matches all the newly created demand coming from mass merchant buyers and department stores. Recommended Solutions & Implementation Orders We will express the solutions for the issues in the order of which we listed them. Fixing the ordering process is the first priority as it ultimately affects communicated information between buyers and sellers. Effective order management is key to operational efficiency and customer satisfaction. At ACME, orders are normally keyed in to the ordering system from purchase orders that are
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