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Recommending a Low-Cost Customer Service Employee Daily Assignment Schedule University of Maryland University College Executive Summary Acme De Mexico’s Manager has requested assistance in developing a minimum cost daily assignment schedule for the customer service employees in their newly built store. Specifically, he wants to know the minimum total cost per day, which is the decision variable. He also wants to know the exact amount of part time and full time employees which will determine the total cost. The objective function is to minimize costs. Acme specified a minimum number of employees required for each shift, a maximum number of employees per shift, specific shifts for full time and part time workers, and a…show more content…
See cells A5-21 through cells C5-21. Part time employees are paid $500 (Pesos) per day, and full time employees are paid $1100 per day. Another constraint is the hours worked by part time employees cannot exceed 50% of the total hours worked per day (total hours = part time+full time). This is displayed in cell F36. Excel solver was used to solve the decision variable (E33), which is set as the objective. Cells D5 though D21 are the number and type of employees per hour, and are variable. The goal is to determine the minimum total cost per day. This is our decision variable, and is found in cell E33 of Attachment 1. The constraints mentioned above are input into solver. The first line shows the total number of part time employees must be less than or equal to 50% to the total labor hours each day. The second line ensures that the changing values are integers. We do not want half an employee to show up for his or her shift. The third line constraint ensures that the number of employees per shift does not exceed 30. Lastly, the fourth line constraint took into account the minimum employees per shift as specified by Acme. Our objective function is to minimize Acme’s the total employee cost per day. The total employee cost per day was calculated by multiplying the number of fulltime workers per day (E8) by the salary per day (C31). This total is reflected in cell C33. The same was done for part time workers: (E21)*(D31)=(D33). These two

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