Acme Fabricators Contracted Arbor Industries Essay

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Post-Project Review Background ACME Fabricators contracted Arbor Industries to undertake landscaping for their new factory and offices located in rural Angle Vale, which sat on a 4.5 hectare site, previously utilized for grain crops. ACME Fabricator’s had set aside $232, 000 for the project, and Arbor Industries was selected having quoted $175, 000, the lowest among the bidders. A fixed contract was signed and ACME appointed its finance manager to oversee the project, which commenced on 16th November, 2000. Arbor determined the following specific milestones for the completion of the project: site works, tree and shrub planting, irrigation, and laying turf. However, unforeseen circumstances such as damaging of the ground for the lawn and devouring by hares and rabbits of some of the shrubs for planting resulted in Arbor incurring budget deficits of up to 14%. Consequently, the project completed with both sides expressing dissatisfaction regarding the delivery of the project. ACME determined that the lawn had dead patches, and the shrubs and trees were small, unlike the sketch submitted by arbor at the tendering stage. On the other hand, Arbor expressed that a number or verbal agreements had been reached with ACME’s ex-finance manager, and that it had indeed delivered the project, and in the process incurred a loss. This report, therefore, seeks to provide a coherent review of the issues arising in the delivery of the project by analyzing the actions of both ACME

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