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Acme Fireworks Angelica DiMaggio Instructor Malvin BUS311: Business Law May 26, 2016 Acme Fireworks is a reputable fire work company that falls under the form of retailer. In order to gain consumers and sell their products they must put out ground display’s of their fireworks as well as a variety of aerial fireworks, especially their larger products. This company started out as a small family owned business in the back of a man’s garage and as he grew and drew in more consumers he is now a managing fifteen employees that help him operate his business. The company has been a sole proprietorship and the owner has never changed his entity, meaning no partnerships or shareholders. The owner has received numerous inquiries from surrounding businesses if his company would be able to create more personalized fireworks for them on a more regular basis. The owner told the inquirers that the company could work on custom orders that they have requested after a set consumer price for each display has been established after considering the following areas of concern: time, labor, insurance, cost of supplies and if there are any additional supplies needed that are not immediately available as well as labor for running the fireworks displays. As of right now he needs to analyze the following factors and options on his next moving growing his business but there are a few things that need to be understood before moving forward. • If the

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