Acme Fireworks Case Study

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There are multiple factors that contribute to decisions, to benefit a business. The Acme Fireworks have to weigh the advantages and disadvantages that will benefit their organization, as well as improving investment and financial stability. There are rules and regulations that need to be followed. These contracts set in place need to be assessed in the standard of employment and possible liability factors, The offer was made to Acme Fireworks and multiple individuals accepted this idea, by considering the pros and cons as long as it was within legal capacity. Their company was considered a sole proprietorship The fireworks that are displayed can be dangerous and cause accidents, if not handled properly. The possibility of an accident can happen, and can be a costly trip to the emergency room or a lawsuit, if something happens. The preventative measures would include an expert in the field, in which would operate these displays in a flame retardant suit or a mechanical flame machine, that would be operated from a distance. By being cautious these displays can be safely set off, in the preventative measure to hinder an accident or lawsuit. It should also be explained that only a professional can use these flammable items. The area of use for these fireworks should be out in the open, where debris and obstacles cannot catch fire, which would include a setting station that will not ignite either. By entering this contract, there should be positions filled to acknowledge the

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