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Acme Fireworks Prospectus Jennifer Crawford BUS 311: Business Law I Instructor: Mark A. Cohen October 30, 2014 Acme Fireworks Prospectus Acme Fireworks is a fireworks retailer that sells fireworks, puts on ground display fireworks, and large aerial displays fireworks. Acme Fireworks has been a sole proprietorship since it began two years ago. At this time the owner is receiving inquiries as to Acme Fireworks ability to create fireworks displays on a regular basis. CITATION Rog12 \l 1033 (Rogers, 2012). In anticipation of increased business, the owner of Acme Fireworks is in need of some information. This prospectus is going to inform the owner as to: Whether or not the business will be governed by common law or…show more content…
It is safe to assume that the owner of Acme Fireworks and the owners of the other businesses are of sound mind and body therefore able to enter into legally binding contracts. So, did the owner have enforceable contracts? No, he did not. While there was legality and capacity; there was no offer, acceptance, or consideration present. Fireworks displays are beautiful and exciting, but they are also very dangerous. The operator of a fireworks display has a duty to fireworks are done in a safe way that does not injure spectators CITATION All13 \l 1033 (Business, 2013). To successfully sue a promoter of a firework display, it must be shown that the promoter failed to keep spectators at a reasonable safe distance CITATION All13 \l 1033 (Business, 2013). In order to sue the operator of a firework display it must be shown that the spectator was injured by the discharge of a fireworks or firework that did not explode properly CITATION All13 \l 1033 (Business, 2013). Should an injury occur negligence by the operator is presumed, as the operator is in sole control of firing the fireworks. Essentially, Acme Fireworks is going to want any such liabilities to be the responsibility of the company and not result in personal liability. Being a sole proprietorship Acme Fireworks will be liable for all debts and claims against the business. A lawsuit of this type could be financially devastating. However, should Acme Fireworks take the time and effort

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