Acme Home Improvements Inc.

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ACME Home Improvements Inc. has made the decision to take their business internationally to Mexico City, Mexico. In doing so they will need to ensure they have a reliable and safe Information System Management plan or ISM. The headquarters office for ACME along with the Information Technology (IT) team for ACME Mexico City will consider an ISM plan that is suitable for the ACME Mexico City employees, the Mexican government and the stakeholders. The ISM plan must be able to ensure the assessment of the company’s information and provide solutions, must be able to address strengths and weaknesses that currently exist in the system and it should be able to control daily operations of the company. There are various
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When designing the ISM system, it will also need to be able to maintain the staffing needs of the store as well as record the maintenance requirements and update staff on the anticipated future improvements of the store.
The ISM system will need to have a secure security and privacy protection system in place given that it will be operating internationally between headquarters in the United States and Mexico. It will also need to be secure to protect consumer information as well as the operations of the store. Some risk that will need to be considered when designing the ISM plan is the management team that will be running the system having a lack of training and lack of experience. These are things that can hinder the development of the system. Additionally, cultural differences can be a risk to the ISM system.
Lastly, the system will need to factor in the budget for the store. It will need to keep a detailed record of the actual and projected revenue for the store. All in all, the management team has implemented the best ISM plan that will allow ACME Mexico City run smoothly and effectively.
ACME Mexico City has decided to expand internationally and the pursuit to operate in a different market requires a specialized Information System Management plan or ISM. In today 's global economy,
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