Acme Home Improvements de México, Sa de Cv Charter Essay

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Acme Home Improvements de México, SA de CV

Project Charter

AMBA640 Section 9044

Professor Jon-David Knode

Team Two

Joyce Buchanan
Mamta Bumb

Eugene Chung

Tyler David Kalogeros-Treschuk
Nico A Washington

Project Title: Acme Home Improvements de Mexico City – New Construction
Project Start Date: August 1, 2010 Project Finish Date: August 1, 2011

Budget Information: The budget will be initiated at $20 million, with the majority of funds going to land acquisition, the initial establishment of the facility, and construction of the facility. The various costs include planning and feasibility studies, insurance, taxes and safety equipment during construction, inspection and testing, building materials, operations and
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This is to plan for any unexpected or unforeseen circumstances that may arise.


• A communications plan will be rolled out company wide to create employee investment in Acme’s first international endeavor. Those employed with the company will be welcomed to support the project where logistically feasible. • Project management will identify and partner with a Mexico City-based employment agency to source human assets necessary to project success (i.e. store management, administrative staff, etc).

Of consideration to Acme HQ are the cultural and linguistic barriers to be expected when managing an international project. Project management assumes that the majority of workers hired to complete this project will speak
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