Acme vs Omega

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Acme and Omega Electronics

Using the mechanistic and organic structure arguments develop in Chapter 2, compare and contrast the management styles at Acme and Omega.
Acme 's managerial style consists of a mechanistic structure, while Omega 's managerial style is based on an organic structure. Acme 's vertical differentiation, which consists of four levels of control, constitutes the dispersion of authority between the organizational hierarchy levels and gears to give the organization more control over its projects and activities. Acme is highly centralized, managers of the top of the hierarchy have all the power to make most of the decisions for the company, and subordinates are expected to follow orders. Although, I think that Acme
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How do you account for the photocopier manufacturer 's decision?
Omega didn 't win the final contract because the photocopier manufacturer desired a lower price on the memory units and Acme was able to suite their need. At the beginning the photocopier manufacturer had split the contract between Acme and Omega with the two conditions, which were zero defects and reducing final cost. A year later Acme was able reduce cost by 20 percent and was awarded the total contract. I believe that the photocopier manufacturer 's decision of awarding the total contract to Acme was not very wise. It seems like they are more concern about paying less for the product than in better quality. This decision may save them money in the short-run, but in the long-run it may cause them a lot of money because if the number of photocopiers are defective, then the customers will be unhappy and the reputation of the photocopier may drop and may lose sales.
What changes would you recommend to Acme and Omega if they are to survive in the future in this increasingly competitive industry?
The first thing I would recommend would be to modify their organizational design. I think that in order for these two companies to survive they need to have a combination of organic and mechanistic structure. Once they do this change they will create a better organizational culture, which is the set of shared values and norms that controls organizational member 's interactions with each other (Jones, page

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