Acne Myth Essay

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Acne Myths

Myth #!: The consumption of chocolate assists in the breakout of acne.

The truth is that several research studies found no relation between the consumption of chocolate and the breakout of acne.

Myth #2: Eating pizza exacerbates acne development.

This is far from the truth as there has been no evidence to suggest this claim. Consumption of pizza in moderation will not lead to acne breakouts.

Myth #3: Fried foods are cause acne breakouts.

No findings suggest that fried foods cause acne breakouts.

Myth #5: Consumption of Coca-Cola and other sodas are bad for you if you have acne.

Several studies have been conducted to check the validity of this claim, but no findings suggest that cola consumption promotes acne. It remains a myth. Drinks such as Coca-Cola are usually consumed by teens in fast food restaurants and if they frequent it often, or work there, the pores react to the grease in the environment and this could be the cause of flare-ups. Make sure to wash your hands if you have been handling oil or greasy foods.
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There is no truth to this as over-exposure to the sun causes skin cancer and premature aging. Alternatively, the sun does promote the production of vitamin D, which may help skin condition. If you are using Benzoyl Peroxide, we strongly recommend that you use caution in the sun by wearing a high SPF sun screen.

Myth #7: Dirty skin causes acne.

The claim that dirt causes acne may be another myth. Some connections have been found, thus keeping the skin pores clear of dirt may prevent bacteria from infecting the skin. Special oil absorbing microfiber facial cloths are probably the best way to grab dirt from the skin after using benzoyl peroxide.

Myth #8: Acne will no longer be a problem once someone reaches adulthood.

This is not true for many people who experience acne as an adult, though the severity may vary. However, people above age 50 rarely get infected with
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