Acne Vugaris Research Paper

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Skin covers every human being on earth and is the body's largest organ. Human skin is commonly known as a protection barrier against the external environment but, is also prone to damage. Acne Vulgaris, a chronic inflammatory skin condition, affects millions of people each year in the United States. "Acne can develop almost anywhere on the skin, however its location tends to vary depending on a person's age." (Juettner 13) The following will outline what causes acne, symptoms of acne, as well as treatment options and prognosis. To fully understand what Acne Vugaris is we must discuss its origins in the sebaceous glands, also known as "the body's natural moisturizer." (Juettner 14) Sebaceous glands, are attached to hair follicles and produce sebum, an oily sticky substance. Due to hormonal influences, sebum increases and sticks together with keratinized skin cells forming a plug, or comedone, in the hair follicle clogging the skins pore. As sebum builds under the clogged pore it creates an ideal setting for the bacteria Propionibacterium acnes (P. acnes) to multiply. Which in turn causes the skin to inflame and produce a visible lesion. "There can be no question that severity of acne parallels sebum secretion." (Plewig, Kligman 18) As a consequence of overactive sebaceous glands, acne develops.…show more content…
In teenagers, you'll see many small bumps, whiteheads, or blackheads covering the face, notably the forehead, including intermittent cysts on the back and chest. In adults, acne typically appears on the lower half of the face, especially around the jawline and mouth. In that area it is generally red papules or deeper nodules. Although ordinarily thought of in teenagers, it is evident there is no age cap when dealing with acne. No matter how old you are it will take patience for the skin to physically
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