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Acorn Industries 09/10/2007 ACORN INDUSTRIES I THE UNDERSIGNED, HEREBY DECLARE THIS ASSIGNMENT AS MY OWN WORK. IT HAS NOT BEEN PREVIOUSLY SUBMITTED FOR ANY OTHER EXAMINATION. ASSINGMENT BY: RADEN VAN JAARSVELD (7107125222089) ……………………………….. 2007/10/09 CONTENTS Executive summary p 3 Problems and causes p 4 Recommendations p 5 Organizational Structure p 7 Human Resources p 8 Programme Management p 9 Process Management p 10 Vision and Mission p 11 Culture p 13 Balance Scorecard p 14 Conclusion p 19 Bibliography p 20 EXECUTIVE SUMMARY It is the rare corporation that can recognizes the need to integrate its resources, policies, people, assets and procedures with changing business strategies. Rarer still is the organization…show more content…
This point illustrates the overriding influence of rules and, as noted earlier, the interdependence of the various components of an enabling environment. Acorn embarked on launching ambitious programs to develop capabilities but neglected the importance of conducting a thorough institutional analysis. It involves mapping the institutional environment in terms of politics, administrative capacity, culture, leadership, organizational structures, etc. in a manner that includes all stakeholders and measures their level of ownership and commitment to reform. Acorn had numerous projects underway with no formal project management process in place to effectively manage successful outcomes. They have not embraced programme management as the discipline to hold people accountable and execute the implementation of strategic change initiatives. Acorn had failed at the process to effectively manage all their projects. Projects emanate from the strategic plan, therefore to increase project success at the strategic level a process must be established to select and monitor projects and ensure projects and resources are in alignment with the strategic plan. For success to occur, synergy is required from all project participants at all levels. RECOMMENDATIONS Strategic leadership is associated with the organization's vision, as well as with the ideas and actions that make the

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