Essay about Acoustic Theory and Synthesis

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Acoustic Theory and Synthesis Frequency: Frequency means the number of cycles per second and depending on the amount of cycles per second determines how high or low pitched the sound is and the time that it takes to complete one cycle is called the period. Frequency is measured in Hertz (Hz). And An average human is able to hear sounds between 20Hz and 20,000Hz. As the cycles per second increases, the smaller the wavelengths become, therefore there is a higher frequency which will cause the pitch of the sound to increase or get higher. If there is frequency of say 20KHz then it is going to be a much higher pitch than a 20Hz because there is a lot more cycles per second. Fundamentals: A fundamental is the lowest frequency…show more content…
Sustain: This is how long the volume is sustained for during the main event of the sound. Release: The is how long it take for the sound to fade out. An Example of a slow and fast release can be found on track 7 and 8 of my logic session which is with my assessment. Filters: Filters can either emphasize or reduce some frequencies from a signal. There are different types of filters that can be used. There are different types of filters that can be used. There are also filters that can reject frequencies within a certain frequency band e.g. band bass or band reject. High Pass Filter: A High Pass filter lets through all the frequencies above the cutoff and eliminates the ones below the cutoff frequency. An example of a HPF can be found on track 10 of my logic session. ! Low Pass Filter: A Low Pass filter lets through the frequencies below the cutoff frequency and eliminates the ones above it. An Example of a low pass filter can be found on track 9 of my logic session which is with my assessment. ! ESM The ESM synthesizer is a very basic synth to create simple bass and lead sounds that can emulate the Roland - TB 303 synth because it is a monophonic synth and you cant play chords . With the ESM you can only choose between a saw tooth and square wave and it only
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