Acquainted With The Night By Robert Frost Essay

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Acquainted with Ambiguity: An Analysis of Robert’s Frost’s “Acquainted with the Night” Born at the end of the 19th century and writing into the 20th century, poet Robert Frost is famous for putting a 20th century spin on 19th century poetic conventions (Robert Frost). His 1928 poem “Acquainted with the Night” is one of the best examples of this spin, combining modern experimental techniques with a set structure and rhyme scheme. In the poem, the speaker recounts his/her ambiguous relationship with the night, as well as the events that have occurred during the night. Many critics have focused on uncovering the identity of the speaker, with some even arguing that the speaker represents Frost and his struggle with unconventional poetry. However, by focusing solely on the speaker’s identity, these critics tend to overlook how other aspects of the poem, including rhyme scheme, structure, and tone, can also contribute to the overall effect of the poem. Therefore, as a result of Frost’s manipulation of rhyme scheme and sentence length, his use of ambiguous language, and his inclusion of symbols, I argue that Frost uses the speaker as a vessel to force the audience to become acquainted with ambiguity and appreciate poetry for what it is, not as a checklist of literary elements. Frost’s manipulation of rhyme scheme prevents the poem from falling into the category of a terza rima sonnet. On the surface, “Acquainted with the Night” has a standard form and rhyme scheme:
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