Essay Acquiescence: Employment and School Schedule

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Acquiescence In Martin Luther King Jr.’s “Three Ways of Meeting Oppression” Dr. King gives us three ways in which oppressed people such as African Americans dealt with their oppression. The first one is acquiescence in which individuals let themselves get dragged into their own oppression. If one accepts their oppression it simply means that they are proving to the oppressor that one is inferior. The second way that oppression is dealt with is violence. Violence does not solve any issues within the oppressed it only causes more issue as well as hatred. Finally the best way one should deal with oppression should be non-violent resistance. According to Dr. King it will work against the oppression not the oppressors themselves. Although I …show more content…
I mention this to one of my coworkers and his response was that many companies did this because they knew that we worked there because of necessity and not choice and that even if we were not content with the wage we were earning we as employees would feel forced to stay there because finding a new job would not be easy. We are overworked without a thank you and they have policies which obviously seem common sense but they make us sign on the dotted line every time they feel the need to enforce a new regulation. Dr. King believes that “to accept passively an unjust system is to cooperate with the system; thereby the oppressed become as evil as the oppressor” (278). These regulations will be found in every job we find but I had never worked in a place where they hold you accountable by signing a piece of paper which they hold on file. By signing that piece of paper we accept all of these regulations even if we do not agree but we still do not have a choice, not signing meant not having a job which is something we cannot afford. Most of the people that work in the front of the store are younger and are able to endure more but the ladies that work in the back are all middle aged women which have the hardest job within the company. They are all on their feet for eight
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