Acquiring Personal Freedom Essay

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Acquiring Personal Freedom

On a cold January day, a performance broke all barriers. The crowd erupted as the curtains opened to reveal the silhouette of a rock legend. The music initiated moves that seemed to defy explanation. Long, sensuous legs captured the audience as they moved with lightning speed while voluptuous red lips seemed to pour lyrics like a fountain. Some people were in shock about who was performing, while some mystified by how the artist seemed to control the stage. The singer was creating questions with every gyration during the unstoppable performance. No one, including me, could believe what was happening on stage.

How someone’s attitude can change over a small amount of time. When I entered high
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Some of them were nervous about the whole idea of putting on a dress. I definitely felt awkward doing this, but I put on a front that was one of confidence to help them. The reason I appeared to have it all together was that I knew if I showed any sign of nervousness or fear, everyone else would see it and feel the same. After a few practices, we felt ready for the real thing.

Thursday morning began like all the others. The sun rose over the cold valley to reveal the fog rising off the river. As I arrived at school, I felt relieved, mostly because I was finally able to escape the constant screaming and giggling that blasted out of the little kids at the front of the bus. When I entered the office, looks of intrigue showered over me as I placed my costume on the floor. The morning seemed to last an eternity and the butterflies seemed to be getting thicker. To me, lunch was tasteless and I was not able to stomach much of it since it was only an hour till’ I was supposed to “break a leg.” When it was time to get ready, I grabbed my outfit and proceeded to the bathroom. My sinuses became cauterized as I entered the bathroom to change. My mind was too busy processing my nervous feelings that I did not notice two other people enter the bathroom until they began to leave. With my entourage of clothing nearly masking my true gender, I stepped to the mirror and began to apply make-up. After completing a Picasso masterpiece on my face, I gathered my
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