Acquiring the Human Language-Playing the Language Game

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Video Viewing Guide for “Acquiring the Human Language-Playing the Language Game” (in the Human Language Series) (Preview these questions before you watch the film. Take notes as you watch the film, then answer on a separate paper.) 1. What arguments in support of language as an innate ability are brought up in the film? This video is about a great mystery; how do children acquire language without seeming to learn it and how do they do so many things with so little life experience. 2. Explain the ambiguity of the question asked by Jill de Villiers to both children and graduate students: “When did the boy say he hurt himself?” Why is this question ambiguous and why is it interesting to note that this question is ambiguous? Question…show more content…
11. Comparison and evaluation of the 2 videos on child language acquisition: What differences do you notice between the video presentation in “Baby Talk” and “Acquiring the Human Language”? What did you like about each? Baby talk film had introduced how babies learn to speak. Its conclusion was by surroundings and also by innate ability. And Acquiring the Human Language introduced many different experiments with example sentence. It concluded that Language is learned differently from other knowledge. If you could watch only one of these films, which one would it be and why? I will pick acquiring the Human Language film. I felt that this film was more easy to understand, well organized. Also was very interesting to learn by experiments such as ambiguous sentence
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