Acquisition Alliance and Strategic Logic Formation

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Acquisition Alliance and Strategic Logic Formation Name Institutional Affiliation Date: Acquisition Alliance and Strategic Logic Formation The famous Walt Disney Company has made strides towards acquiring Pixar in a business deal worth $8billion. They have been rival cousins operating in the animation industry. For the past few years, there have been speculation about the imminent deal. So far, Disney has released all films belonging to Pixar. However, the distribution deal of the two companies is expected to expire after the release of "cars" during the summer period. The long awaited merger is likely to integrate the historic franchise of Walt Disney's animated characters such as Donald Duck, Minnie Mouse, and Mickey with the table of cartoons hits produced by Pixar such as "Finding Nemo" and "Toy Story" (Bragg, 2009). Pixar and Disney are now collaborating without any obstacles arising from two different shareholders of two different companies. The two companies have focused on critical issues such as developing innovative films, characters, and stories that delight the global market. As a section of this deal, the companies have announced that jobs are expected to become the company's board member. The director of Pixar exhibited great innovative skills acquired during his tenure at the Walt Disney. The director joined the integrated animation company will be responsible for overseeing Disney's new attraction designs (Kozami, 2005). The acquisition of Pixar has

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