Acquisition Conversion Funnel : The Front End Optimization Pipeline For New Business Websites

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Acquisition Conversion Funnel: The Front-End Optimization Pipeline for New Business Websites Every online business has a well-drained conversion funnel fitted within their marketing model. However, most of these funnels are not designed to be customer centric. Customer centric conversion funnel is not an advanced marketing funnel. It is the adoption of an optimized approach that is based on the customer behavior cycle. A customer might be interested to know what you are trying to sell, but that does not mean he or she will convert. Meaning, there is a possibility for a conversion to happen and again, it might not happen. The entire process works depending on how a business is tailored to fit into the hour of need. No business funnel…show more content…
The model however, won’t work for a new startup that is trying to find new business prospects right from the scratch – the toughest part of a business conversion process. Generating prospects is a series of work and this is the stage when companies will have to depend a lot on key tactics like SEO, content marketing, inbound and social media, for the expansion of their customer base. It is different from lead retention and therefore one need to pick out the right funnel that will help to get a particular service tailor fitted according to the business hour of need. Types of Conversion Funnel in Web Development A web development conversion funnel, when segmented, falls into three distinct pipelines. Here is how the three parts are labeled as by marketing experts - 1. Acquisition Funnel 2. Activation Funnel 3. Monetization Funnel Every conversion funnel type has a specific line of purpose. An acquisition funnel cannot do the job of either an activation funnel or a monetization funnel. It requires different optimization strategy and a separate plan of attack. This is why, it’s best to take a close look into the structure and function of each of these funnels individually. Hence, in this article, let’s just focus all our attention on the top part of the pipeline – the Acquisition Funnel. The Fantastic Thing about an Acquisition Conversion Funnel The purpose of an
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