Acquisition Of English Grammatical Morphemes

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ACQUISITION OF ENGLISH GRAMMATICAL MORPHEMES BY L2 LEARNER FARIS N ALOTAIBI California State University Fresno This study explores the acquisition of English grammatical morphemes by a Native Arabic speaker. What type of errors the L2 learner makes during acquisition? What percentage of each error they produce. To answer this question, I collected data from an adult named (Mayyadah) through spontaneous speech and a grammar test. Then, a re-testing will take place after L2 learner receive a training sessions on correct use of grammatical morphemes in English. The point of the latter step is to measure the effectiveness of more TL input. KEY WORDS: ERRORS, GRAMMATICAL MORPHEMES ACQUISITION, ENLISH 1. INTRODUCTION. There is a significant number of studies addressing English morphology. This interest in English morphology did not start recently. Some studies on English morphology date back to the first half of the twentieth century. Morphology is a Greek word means the study of form. This paper addresses thoroughly the English grammatical morphemes from an acquisition by a L2 learner perspective. Several reasons prompt me to undertake this study. First, acquisition of English as a language must go through a stage of morphemes internalization. Second, learning morphemes of English is quite complex unlike phoneme acquisition. Third, vocabulary is the core element of any language and morphology explore it extensively. Forth, deep understanding of morphology paves the way
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