Acquisition Planning

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All three government agencies are focusing on following similar procedures in determining how various contracts are awarded. These include: written acquisition plans (which must be in accordance with the FAR) and guidance that is taking into consideration cost estimates / other required documents in the process. Moreover, all acquisition plans are focusing on: milestones, technical / business considerations and additional factors. ("Acquisition Planning," 2011)
However, in the case of the DHS and NASA there must be additional elements that are carefully examined to include: lessons learned from previous contracts and each agency will set specific producers as to who oversees the process. This means that there are different thresholds established that are required for receiving these contracts. As a result, each of these government agencies will have varying standards for meeting these objectives. The below table is illustrating these guidelines for each department. ("Acquisition Planning," 2011)
Acquisition Planning Threshold by Agency
Acquisition Threshold
Percentage of Contracts Awarded
$500 thousand and up
98% of $15 billion in contracts
$10 million and up
80% of $6.9 billion in contracts…
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