Acquisition Process Competition Requirements

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Acquisition Process Competition Requirements The process of choosing a contractor in a competitive acquisition process can be regarded as an issue of information processing where the decision-maker gathers information from competing firms, evaluates each alternative based on established criteria, and determines the best firm or alternative based on the results of the evaluation. While there are various processes that are used in contracting such as sealed bidding and negotiation, the process of choosing the best contractor is relatively the same in these methods. The acquisition or contracting process is usually based on competition since competition is widely recognized as the foundation of every free market system. Competition is used in this process because it also drives innovation, limits complacency, and reduces costs. Together with the president, the other stakeholders in the federal government recognize the significance of competition as the major element of a healthy and fair acquisition system. This is despite of the fact that experts have continued to disagree on whether competition is increasing or reducing. It's not only the extent of competition that remains unclear, there are uncertainties regarding what competition in governmental arena is expected to accomplish and the methods of evaluating the effectiveness of competition ("The State of Competition", 2009). Nonetheless, competition provides numerous benefits to the acquisition process such as cost
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