Acquisition Spree Leaves Marconi in Need of Knowledge Management

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Acquisition spree leaves Marconi in need of knowledge management (1) Marconi was a leading telecommunications firm, which implemented an aggressive strategy of growth through acquisitions. It nevertheless faced severe challenges in integrating the knowledge possessed throughout all of its subsidiary companies; the new engineers kept data private as a means of preserving their jobs, and this conflicted with the interests of the firm, which sought to reduce operational inefficiencies through more information sharing. Furthermore, the company was interested in promoting data sharing in a means in which this would benefit the customers as well. (2) The solution was offered by the integration of knowledge management in combination with customer relationship management. The success of this process was supported by the fact that the Marconi employees had already been accustomed to information sharing and this approach in the management of the customer relationships. Furthermore, to gain the full support of the staffs, the managerial team has developed and implemented HRM policies based on rewards of information sharing. The bonus of the employees then was conditioned to them delivering two training programs and answering 10 frequently asked questions (FAQs). (3) Aside from the internal culture and structure, the company relied heavily on the technical combination between the KnowledgeBase and the Tactics Online systems. With the aid of the first, the company was able to

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