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I. Introduction The human body contains various structures and organs that allow regulations and maintenance of homeostasis. Foundation is built through the framework of the skeletal system, motion is possible due to the muscular system humans have and other body systems that allow humans to perform daily actions. All of this anatomical structures are possible due to the two main controlling system found in the body; the nervous system and endocrine system. The nervous system can be considered as information processor of the human body, but for it to be more effective in transferring and processing information; it works in tandem with the endocrine system. The purpose of the endocrine system is to act in response to the information the…show more content…
Topic Hormone Growth hormone or somatotropin is the hormone involved in the disorder of acromegaly. Produced by somatotrophs in the anterior pituitary gland, it functions as a metabolic hormone and determinant of body size. Growth hormones functions mainly on growth effects but it also has other aiding purpose in different parts of the body such as mobilization of fats, blood level increase, glycogen breakdown and more. The chemical nature of this hormone is protein based, hence the name somatotropin. It is originally made in the hypothalamus where it is secreted, then passes through the anterior pituitary gland before it enters the bloodstream. It is regulated through negative feedback, inhibiting the release of growth hormones when the amount in the bloodstream is high already. In terms of target tissues, it is very general, pretty much all the bone structure and most of the muscular system is affected by the growth hormone. It also has a very short half-life, ranging from twenty to thirty minutes. Typically, growth hormones are secreted the most during sleep; however, it decreases with age. Growth hormones cannot be naturally conjugated due to its own ability to inhibit its release when it is too much in the body already. IV. Mechanism of Action Normal Effect of Growth Hormone The release of growth hormone in the body is due to two hormones that has antagonistic effects found in the hypothalamus. Growth hormone-releasing hormone or GHRH activates

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