Across The Universe Analysis

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Freedom: The Concept That Changes Everything One small raindrop creates ripples in a huge sea, similar to how one new idea can change the way people think. Across the Universe by Beth Revis demonstrates how this can happen when different societies cross. Amy, a teenage girl from Earth, is flash-frozen in order to be reanimated on another planet three hundred years away called Centauri-Earth. Unfortunately, she is melted earlier than she is supposed to, which results in her living on a ship with people who follow different rules and believe in different values. First of all, the ship’s civilization loses its power, as Amy’s knowledgeable character influences the population. Moreover, when the secret of freedom is revealed to the citizens of…show more content…
Therefore, Revis emphasizes that when different civilizations merge together, the one with freedom will always overpower the other by guiding an ignorant population.
As a newcomer, Amy educates the people of the ship, causing their civilization to weaken. For example, when Amy is reanimated, she meets the leader of the ship, Eldest, who tells her that she is restricted from leaving her room. She tells Elder, the leader-to-be, about how she views Eldest as “a regular Hitler” because he expects everyone to follow his commands (172). Amy refuses to obey as she believes that the way he rules is unethical. As she shares her comparison of Eldest to Hitler, Elder obtains the knowledge of how leaders can be manipulative, which changes his views. He hesitates to continue following Eldest and he applies the knowledge to himself in order to improve as a leader. Next, on the first day on the ship, Amy meets a respectful old lady named Steela. However, a few days after, Steela’s daughter brings Steela to the hospital because she thinks she is delusional. Amy reassures her daughter that “old people [do not] always think straight” and there is nothing to worry about (337). Steela’s daughter
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