Across The World, There Are Many Global Health Issues Which

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Across the world, there are many global health issues which are being played out in which society faces. Whether it be a developing issue or one that has been plaguing society for an amount of time, as the world becomes a more globalized entity, many are beginning to realize that while we may face challenges individual to more local levels, there are just as many challenges that we must take on together. Climate change, and its effect upon human health, is one of these uniting challenges. While climate changes have occurred throughout the course of planet Earth’s history, the world is now witnessing a dramatic increase in the amount of negative impacts caused by changes in our climate. At an alarming rate, these changes are occurring and…show more content…
For the sake of this paper, there will be two different types of impacts of climate change on human health: physical impact and mental impact. Now, the majority of the effects of climate change are indeed physical impacts, for this includes problems such as severe weather events, raising temperatures, and an increase in numerous disease across the globe. These ‘physical impacts’ are what many of the sources in regards to the topic mainly focus on. A few, however, do take time to mention the importance of mental health in regards to climate change. In often cases, mental health can be a result of physical impacts, but as the issue of global climate change becomes progressively more crucial, that is not always the case. Both physical and mental impacts can have impacts on how society, on all levels, functions, and if we are not careful to take appropriate action, society may begin to crumble, at least only slightly. It is now coming to light that both the physical and mental impacts are important to be addressed when discussing climate change action. What remains important, is that even though climate change is, or may, effecting the health of us all in some way, and it is a global issue, that each region of the world in impacted differently. This means that while it

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