Across a Hundred Mountains Short Essay

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Chicano/ Latino Short Essay

Juana and Adelina’s Experience
The novel Across a Hundred Mountains by Reyna Grande is a story about two young girls and their struggling journey to find happiness between two conflicting and distinct worlds: the United States and Mexico. Juana on one side wants to get to the United States, or “el otro lado” as mentioned in the novel, to find her father who abandoned her and her mother after leaving to find work in the US. On the other hand Adelina escapes from her house in California to follow her lover to Mexico. The girls form a bond in the most unexpected of places, a Tijuana jail, and quickly form a friendship that will connect them for the rest of their lives. Through Juana’s story, Reyna,
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In Mexico all Juana finds are harsh living conditions and oppression that later give her strength to start her journey to the United States. Over time Juana has a more pleasant experience in the United States due to the kindness of strangers such as Don Ernesto but finds no peace until she recovers her father’s ashes and releases them where they belong. In the state of Guerrero, Mexico. The other main character of the story is Adelina a girl who leaves her home in California to go to Mexico. Adelina is driven out of the United States because her family won’t accept her relationship with her lover, so they both decide to go to Tijuana, a city in Mexico. Not much is said about Adelina’s experienced in the United States. What we do know is that she had a family that loved her, but she decided to leave it all behind to be together with her boyfriend Gerardo. In Mexico she finds nothing but shame and misery because Gerardo could not find a job and the only way for them to make money was for her to be a prostitute. Besides having to expose her body, Adelina, is physically and emotionally mistreated by her boyfriend until it finally leads to her death when she tells him that she is going back to the United States with Juana.

My Personal Experience
Juana’s and Adelina’s stories are slightly similar to mine but overall they are quite different. Me and my sister were born here in the United States. I was born in San

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