Acs Assignment 2, University of Winnipeg Essay

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Due: February 11, 2013
To be done individually.
a) 8 A hospital ward wants to computerize its data about patients and medications / dosages prescribed for the patients. {In your mind, compare this situation with the in-class example about students, courses and grades: student is like patient, course is like medication and grade is dosage}.
Then, use the following fields of hospital data that are put into one file (table): patient No., patient name, patient address, patient birth date; medication name, medication dosage (this means how many tablets or teaspoons of that medication the patient must take each day).
Use the following data:
 John Smith
Date of Birth: Oct.10.1969
Address:123 Dialysis
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Patient Personal Information: Patient Patient NO. | Patient Name | Patient Address | Patient Birth Day | 1849 | John Smith | 123 Dialysis Way | Oct.10.1969 | 1850 | Marla Johbson | 842 Blossom St. | Jan.31.1955 | 1851 | Jane Doe | 725 Olive Ave. | Aug.01.1949 |

Patient Medication Information: Medication Patient NO. | Medication Name | Medication Dosage | 1849 | Prilosec | Three tablets daily | 1849 | Adavart | Three tablets daily | 1850 | Oxycontin | Two teaspoons daily | 1850 | Neulasta | Four tablets daily | 1850 | Lamictal | Two tablets daily | 1851 | Remicade | Three tablets daily | 1851 | Diovan | Four tablets daily | 1851 | Gardasil | One teaspoon daily |

The tables in relational databases organize data in rows and columns, simplifying data access and manipulation. It is easier for manager to understand the relational model than put all data in one table. Besides, a relational database allows tables to be linked. And the linkage reduces data redundancy and allows data to be organized more logically. In a word, relational database is easier to control, more flexible, and more intuitive than approaches.
The database management system (DBMS) a group of programs used as interface between a database and application programs, or a database and the user. It is used to create and implement the right database system ensures that the database will support both business
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