Act 1 Scene 1- : The Location, Pittsburgh

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ACT 1 Scene 1- (The location, Pittsburgh. The year, 2005. The month, January. The day, the fifth. Scott Bethlaheart is sitting on a brown reddish chair while his therapist, Benjamin White, sits directly across from him in a black desk chair.) Benjamin: (Curious look) Hows school going? The change in schools must have been hard for you: we didn 't really get to talk about it last session. Scott: It’s whatever. I really didn 't have any friends in my other school so not a big difference. Benjamin: Im sure you 'll make a ton of friends in this school. You just have to put yourself out there, Scott. Scott: I guess. (Looks down) Benjamin: How’s Matt doing? Scott: Good, I guess. (Shrug) It 's so confusing with him. Benjamin: Why? Scott: Because… (Pause) (Snarky) I don 't know, it just is. Benjamin: Have you talked to him about it? Scott: I can 't. Benjamin: Why not? Scott: Because… (Pause) I really like him and I don 't know if he likes me and it will just wreck me if he doesn 't like me and only wants to be friends. Benjamin: But you can 't force anyone to like you Scott. Scott: I know… (Pause) I just give and give all of me and it really crushes me when the other person only gives a little of themselves. I guess I just give too much and that 's my problem. Benjamin: I understand, Scott. It 's hard being in high school, but I 'll tell you, it will get
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