Act 1 Scene 1 : Thirsty For Freedom

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Act 1 Scene 1: Thirsty for Freedom Scene Description: The scene is set in a restaurant called Noma in Copenhagen, Denmark. It is clear, dark night sky and the moon is glistening. The restaurant is seemingly quiet and is only half full. Bianca is newly wed to her husband Petruchio and as a celebration they have invited Katherine, her husband Lucento, Widow and her husband Petruchio out to dinner. They are all sitting at a table waiting for dinner to be served and Katherine has just outraged Bianca and alleged that she is disobedient and ungrateful towards her husband and that she is an ungovernable worm and that her husband is her king and should respect and obey him at his every command. Irritated and completely disagreeing with what has just been said Bianca she excuses herself and vigorously stomps away in anger to the ladies bathroom where she then begins rambling to herself in rage about woman’s rights her freedom. BIANCA: How dare Katherine insult me like that! Tell me I’m under an obligation to serve, love, and obey. To serve and obey? That’s not love I’m nothing but slave to this man desired only for my blah I just want to be free, that’s all I’ve ever wanted. I thought marriage was the key, the key to ultimate happiness, the key to get away from my father’s imprisonment but marriage is just another prison. Entrapped in another mans will, his power, his authority. At night I dream of the inevitable; to be free of man and there stereotypical, destructive ways.
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