Act 4 Scene 1 in Much Ado About Nothing by William Shakespeare

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Act 4 Scene 1 in Much Ado About Nothing by William Shakespeare

The play is a comedy, which centres on two couples and their love
affairs, although there are other subplots, which involve disguise and
trickery. The scene itself focuses on the wedding of Claudio and Hero
during which Claudio strongly rejects Hero. It is a dramatic scene
where the tension of the audience is most raised during the play. This
is due to the characters theatrical behavior and language. It also
opens new doors for other relationships to evolve such as Beatrice and
Benedick, who overcome their hatred for each other and fall in love.
In some ways this scene has its advantages and disadvantages. If this
scene had not happened
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Leonato's excuse for being too busy to listen because of the
wedding is known as dramatic irony because something this important
should make Leonato listen. Because of Leonato not wanting to listen
to Dogberry, the audience are given the expectation that the wedding
may not be a perfect affair.

The part of the scene where Hero is rejected is very powerful. In many
productions of this play the character of Claudio is made violent,
this also happens in the production by Kenneth Brag , which we
studied. Such ways as pushing Hero and shouting at her with abusive
language of that time make Claudio's behavior vicious and shocking.
Claudio rejects Hero in a very dreadful approach using various
techniques of behaviour and body language. His behavior is strong and
alarming, he shuffles her on her arms, almost shaking her and pushes
her onto the ground in a disgusted manner. As well as his shocking
behavior, Claudio also uses abusive language to bring out his
feelings. Such examples of language that he uses are " a rotten
orange", that she is a bad thing, that she looks virtuous on the
outside, but not on the inside. Another example of language that he
uses is "approved wanton", in those days known as a proven whore that
she is not worth a lot, in fact very little. Throughout Claudio s
behaviour he uses the…