Act I, Please, And Thank You For Attending My First Comedy Special

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Act I; Please Indulge me in my Narcissism Olivia: Hello everyone, and thank you for attending my first comedy special (even though you didn’t have much of a choice)! Now, you all may be thinking, “Olivia, how are you even qualified to be making a comedy special; you’re just a plucky eighth grader who has no experience or expertise in writing comedy whatsoever.” To that I say, “I may be ‘just a plucky, adorable, charismatic, intelligent and quirky eighth grader with no previous experience or expertise,’ in your eyes perhaps, but I’ve got a lot of heart (and embarrassing moments to share in order to gain your approval and validation of my humor). You’re probably thinking, “Buzzfeed articles are going to be funnier than her.” Well, I’ll have you know that Buzzfeed is hilarious, multiple articles of theirs are flooding my Pinterest board, (yes, I am a thirty year-old woman, but we’ll get to that later), as well as results to some of their ingenious quizzes such as: “What frozen yogurt flavor are you?” “Ugh, she’s not even funny, she’s just filibustering.” My you’re quite opinionated, aren’t you disembodied voice in the audience? At least you have an expansive vocabulary and can articulate your point like a mature adult. You make a good point, though, I am rambling. I often do this when I’m nervous, but never mind that. What’s your favorite color, heckling discarnate entity? Right, humor, got it. So the whole purpose of this special was to showcase my humor and creativity and

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