Act Score Vs Gpa Essay

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How can it be that a student’s ACT score is more important than their GPA? Is it possible that a four-hour test can hold more weight than four years of high school grades? Would it not be great if students could get the same amount of money for a high GPA that they can get for a high ACT score? GPA can show hard work, strength, self-discipline, consistency, intelligence and personal accomplishments. Scholarships should not be awarded based primarily on ACT scores but on a student’s GPA. Scholarships should be awarded for keeping a high grade point average throughout high school. It is just as difficult or more to keep high grades throughout four years of high school as it is to go take four-hour test and achieve a high score.
The ACT is all about working fast, guessing
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The ACT is the only fair way to compare students from all across the country that come from different educational backgrounds. The ACT shows how you rank among other students, however, if you are a bad test taker, this will not be an accurate ranking. The ACT is the single most important thing that colleges look at before giving acceptance, but why is that, when studies have shown that GPA is a better indicator of how successful students can be in college?
Students work extremely hard for four years or more to keep high grades, but instead of looking at these grades, colleges base scholarships on one test that students take in a few hours. Scholarships should be based on GPA because it is the best representation of a student’s knowledge and shows the type of work ethic the student brings fourth. Colleges should want to give scholarships to diligent, disciplined, and deserving students who work hard their whole high school career, not just students who do well on one
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