Act Three Scene Five of William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet

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Act Three Scene Five of William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet Act 3 Scene 5 is a very important and emotional scene because it shows huge development in both plot and character as well ass a wide variety of language. Before this scene, Romeo of the House of Montague fell in love with Juliet - a Capulet. The Capulets were feuding with the Montagues. Romeo and Juliet were secretly married by Friar Lawrence on the same day Romeo killed Tybalt, who himself killed Mercutio. Just before this scene, Lord Capulet and Paris arranged the marriage which prepares us for the dramatic irony in this scene. Act 3 Scene 5 begins after Romeo and Juliet just spent their wedding night together. This scene is…show more content…
At the beginning of the scene she is happy and playfully arguing and he behaviour shows her total love for Romeo. This love seems to have matured her as when Romeo says: "Come death and welcome, Juliet wills it so", Juliet realises it is dangerous for him to stay any longer and starts to think practically. It also shows strength of character/will as most women may have wanted to spend more time with their loved one. Juliet saying: "I must hear from thee everyday in the hour", again shows her being practical as she wants to get him to stay in touch. When Lady Capulet enters, Juliet shows initiative by crying to make it seem she is upset over Tybalt's death and lets her mother believe this. As her mother talks about "that same villain Romeo", Juliet again shows initiative and cunning by using ambiguity to make her mother think she hates Romeo when she is really stating her love for him. Examples of this are: "Yet no man like him doth grieve my heart", and "I shall never be satisfied with Romeo til I behold him - dead." These Lady Capulet takes to mean that he grieves her for the murder pf her cousin and she won't be satisfied until Romeo is dead. In this JULIET shows that her love has indeed matured her intelligence and she is fully committed to a future with Romeo. As her mother tells her of the marriage, Juliet shows courage in
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