Act Upon Morality Not Iniquity

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The article “I See A Killer Die” by Alan hall was exceedingly provocative (but also cryptic) ergo the compelling need to respond to it. Supporting something as drastic as another man’s death in a nonchalant manner not only shows lack of empathy but immorality. Personally, the content of the article made me feel a variety of emotions: the most prominent being vast irritation alongside resentment. Astounded with some segments of the article, I took it upon myself to thoroughly analyze all segments of this article and I came to a very clear conclusion. capital punishment is a cruel, inhumane and degrading way to leave the Earth.

Robert Harris was a 39 year old man who committed double murder and was sentenced
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Men/women of the law being allowed to inflict death upon another human speaks volumes about how hypocritical law is. It is against the law to murder and the Californian government has made that clear by murdering Harris. The irony is not lost on me and you must see it too. The usage of the word chilling in the article conveys a depressing, melancholic and disconsolate atmosphere – in other words an environment where a human should not spend their last few moments. This injustice isn’t private it has taken quite a toll on the public too. Americans have said that they are ashamed to take part of a country which permits the death penalty due to “validated” opinions from generously paid people. Yes, Harris did commit double murder but is there tangible evidence that this man deserved to be gassed to death? Is legalized murder suddenly the only way to rid the world of crime?

In some parts of the article, Robert Harris was purposely depicted as a harsh killer with no remorse or empathy. “Quit sniveling and die like a man” Alan Hall added. Clearly, this was deliberately added to worsen his case mercilessly creating an impression of an atrocious murderer. Insinuating that Harris is a harsh man with killing on his agenda all the time, prohibits
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