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I- Introduction A. The companies that were chosen and why Actavis was the organization I decided to conduct my research on due to the company being a pharmaceutical company, with the pharmaceutical company on the raise in the economy and many insurance and doctors leaning towards generic brand medicine Actavis was a great pick for me to start my career and do my research on them as well to give me an idea of how the pharmaceutical industry works. Business management is currently my major and I fore see myself working as business administrator or a human resource coordinator, with the position of contracts Administrator opened I figured this is a great opportunity for me to kick start my career in the pharmaceutical industry. With the…show more content…
Even after the acquisition by Watson there was no name change to the company, previous sites were still named Watson and Actavis was still in existence until January of 2013 when Watson adopted Actavis Inc., as the name to be used and a new symbol ACT as its new trading symbol. III- Interviews Organizational requirements The job description; Documentation Specialist 11283BR Summary: Employee will manage contracts that relates to purchases and sale of products including and not limited to, bids and awards, as well as customer service initiative. Assures compliance and good customer relations regarding contract terms; Essential Job Functions; Performs contract administration and manages national account assigned, follow up with all contract portfolios including rebate programs and bid proposals; follow federal, state and local procedures when performing all contract bids; carry out all company policies, procedures and responsibilities on a daily basis to develop strong customer relation with clients. Required Knowledge and skills: Current good manufacturing practices (cGMP), Food and Drug Administration (FDA), and regulatory requirements. Data collection and analysis procedures and computational methods. Company policies and procedures, including safety rules and regulations, current company pricing policies and contract process including chargeback polices and process. Skills: Implementing goals, objectives and

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