Acting As A Counsellor For A Counselling Session

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By acting as a counsellor in a counselling session, I learnt that I am competent when using certain skills such as; displaying non- verbal behaviour, challenging client’s maladaptive beliefs, mindsets and behaviours and that I can recover when I mistakenly interpret a client’s emotions. However, I learnt that I need to; improve my listening skills, not ask distracting questions, improve inaccurate perceptions of client emotion, my assertions of those perceptions, not asking too many questions, not asking to many questions, and empathy communication. What I did well Nonverbal behaviour. In the recording, I displayed Egan’s SOLER characteristics (Egan, 2012) I maintained good eye contact with my client, I adopted an open posture, I leaned…show more content…
Dysfunctional external behaviour Dysfunctional behaviour refers to actions we don’t do when we should, and actions we do when we shouldn’t. (Dean, 2017). Stacey was drinking to cope with her depression. I provided a challenging probe by asking her of there are any other more proactive ways of coping. By challenging her maladaptive drinking habit, she will think clearer, reducing the frequency of her maladaptive behaviour, as she will be able deal with her depression in a more effective way. Distorted understanding Refers to a client not viewing the world correctly, preventing them from considering more proactive choices (Dean, 2017). Stacey believed that the only way to get to her job was by taking the lift, which prevented her from considering the more proactive option of the stairs. In the session, I challenged her. I made her consider using the stairs. My challenge could have been improved by providing an empathetic highlight alongside the probe or adding an element of self-disclosure, allowing Stacey to model her new behaviour upon my ‘correct behaviour’. Recover from inaccurate understanding When I underestimated Stacey’s emotions she wanted to leave the session; I recovered from this well. I abided by Egan’s prescribed model. The model states that when inaccuracy occurs the therapist should restate, modify and correct their client’s feelings. I did this. When Stacey gave me the verbal cue that I had made an

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