Acting Fundamentals : A Reflection Of Acting As A Realist

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Over the course of this semester I came to the realization that acting is a reflection of realism. Acting Fundamentals has had a major impact on my educational experience here in the residential college of arts and Humanities. This course has really challenged me to step outside my comfort zone in front of others, collaborate with other students inside and outside of the classroom, tap into my observational learning skills, and to create realistic characters for my monologue and scene performances. During this course as an actor and student I was informed enough to be able to fulfill the dramatic action of a role that had to engage, be honest, and use experiences in a way that is important and helpful to the audience. Coming in this class being new to RCAH, I was worried on rather I would fit in or not. Before we got deep into assignments we would do warm ups in the beginning of each class session. We would do activities such as yoga, visualizing, and voice/ movement exercises. At first I was very confused why we had spent so much time on Warm ups. I later learned that those warm ups were the most valuable exercises. Acting often requires disciplined use of the body and those warm ups taught us discipline in things such as using our imagination and our body. It also helped us to relax and create a calm space to work in. I remember an exercise we had did where we would have to copy and transfer noises that we heard from our instructor. This helped us to work on our voices for

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