Acting Goals

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Since I was a small child all I ever wanted to do was to be an actor and while the small town in Mississippi I grew up in offered very little as far as the arts were concerened I never lost that feeling and that is why my goal is to study acting in a theater program. I have three main goals for acting. First, I want to learn a craft and finish an acting program. Second, I want to become a working actor. Finally, I want to love my job and lead a fulfilled life enjoying the journey along the way not just looking forward to some kind of idyllic future.
I want to learn the craft of acting and have a true foundation for everything I learn, do, and can build upon. I absolutely love to learn and believe that one of the keys to a meaningful life
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Whether it is on the stage or film and television being able to make a living as an actor is definitely a dream come true. I’ve always loved so many different things in life. I love to try my hand at new professions new ways of thinking new ways of life, and as I grew up I was always told that I have to choose one path but through acting I can be and do whatever the script calls for. I can learn new points of view and personalities and I can explore things in life that I would never be able to try in any other profession or by dedicating myself to a different career. While learning the craft of acting is a certain path that I must dedicate myself to it allows me to open up and explore not only myself but everything around me.
My main goal in life is to wake up every morning loving my job, living a fulfilled life and through performing I know that goal is attainable. I’ve tried my hand at a variety of different jobs and told myself that I could be happy doing other things and as much as I’ve tried to runaway from performing it has always pulled me back in one way or another. I’ve discovered about myself that acting is not just something I want to do but something I have to
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