Acting White, by Stuart Buck

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Acting white by Stuart buck and race relations light years from earth by mitu sergupta both use a form of racism and classism to express a similar theme to convey their message effectively. Acting white begins with the author explaining how most minorities are discouraged about furthering their education because of negative prejudice remarks from their peers. The conflict at hand was that desegregation introduced inequality in the schools where most of their teachers were white. With this being said their racial backgrounds caused education to be unequal. During this time, whites were viewed as the oppressors, and slave-owners. In everybody’s eyes whites were always superior to the blacks. Looking back at the historical record, the Jim Crow era introduced many cases of racial inequality. This goes to say, the author in Race relations light years from earth explains how deep racial allegation has changed over time. In this passage the author believes that racism is deeper than slavery, it has evolved to our modern day movies such as Avatar. Mitu goes into dept of how whites are more dominant in avatar than the blacks. The movie portrays many ethnic heroic roles defending the Navi. Many believe the navi are African Americans due to their braids and resemblance to color. Some may question the film but Avatar is a racist film. In other words the white messiah came into play when discussing the film. The author’s conflict at hand is that racism has yet to stop in today’s
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