Action Oriented Procedures And Measurability

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The objective of each target is to indicate action oriented procedures and measurability. I consider target 12.1 and 12.7 to be measurable because you can determine the number of countries actively engaged in SCP. The engagement can be seen through national policy, action plans or corresponding activities linked to sustainable development (Bioregional, 2015). Target 12.2 is difficult to measure because it requires a multitude of calculations, some of which include: carbon footprint, domestic material input and domestic material consumption (Bioregional, 2015). Target 12.3 is unquestionably quantifiable due to its specificity regarding the amount of per capita global food waste being reduced. Target 12.4 can be measured using data concerning the amount of chemicals found within water, soil and food agriculture produced every year as well as the number of reports on management for those in agreed relations (Bioregional, 2015). Target 12.5 remains unclear and immeasurable based on lack of definition. The use of the term “substantially” does not give any feedback about quantity, but rather pose the question, by how much? Target 12.6 is similar to 12.1; it can be measured by the number of companies publishing reports (Bioregional, 2015). Target 12.8 presents as unrealistic, however it can be measured through surveys or key words searched online. The results will be inaccurate because not all parts of the world have access to Internet. Target 12.a can be measured through the
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