Action Plan For Accountability Issues At Central Valley College

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Action Plan for Accountability Issues at Central Valley College Introduction Colleges and universities recognize the importance of accountability. Institutional accountability reports to a multitude of stakeholders with varying expectancies from student’s expectation of a quality education, oversight agencies want assurances that schools comply with rules and regulations, while donors want proof of investment, and alumni need reassurance that the reputation of their school is progressing (Kearns, 1998). Reputable higher education institutions take their accountability and accreditation seriously, which requires adherence to rules and regulations set forth by external entities such as the Department of Education and a regional…show more content…
Accordingly, the internal problems regarding the organizational structure, decision-making strategies, the unique culture and configuration of the board of trustees aid in the internal problems, which exacerbated the accountability difficulties. The action plan centers on the structure of the board of trustees that focus on accreditation concerns specific to the composition and values of the trustee board, cultural issues affecting admission and the influence of the school reputation on enrollment growth, and faculty and staff retention. Conner (2011) contends that trustees are vitally important resource in campus leadership as they answer to both community forces and political demands, which require knowledge and motivation resulting in processes, which lead to more effective trustees, in theory, that will advance the performance of the institution. Purpose of Action Plan Although the trustee board is comprised of thirty representatives in which 60% are from the Mennonite church, with twelve other positions consisting of experts in their field, donors, and three representatives of the college, a faculty member, one staff delegate, and a student (Central Valley College, 2016). The WASC accreditation team recognized the limited diversity among such a powerful entity making major decisions for the school. Although Rueda (2011) contends that culture is often mistaken for certain labels
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