Action Plan For Reporting Waste And Abuse

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Arlecia Johnson

September 15, 2016

Action Plan for Reporting Waste and Abuse in the Air Force

In fiscal year 2014 it is very clear that there needs to be a better reporting of all of the materials that are owned and are held by the Air Force. It is important to make sure that there is a complete accounting of all of the materials such as parts, ammunition, and other items that belong to the air force so that it will be possible to ensure that in any location there is no issue that the materials will be in the hands of anyone else. The allocation is supposed to serve through departmental roles, with the chiefs of each department consenting to any requested sub-budgetary allocation requested by the service men and women in their departments. The offices include the operations office, the general counsel’s office, the information and communication office and the human resource office. All actions that will be recommended for this case might not show specific dates, since the military requires a series of approval steps for any implementation, and delays might occur. In addition, the air force is sometimes caught up in emergency situation that lead to freezing operations for security purposes. It also leads to delays and rechanneling of allocated budgets to the emergency situation. The 2014 budget is used in this paper, since it has already been implemented, therefore researchable.

The fiscal year 2016 was presented to the Chief of Staff, the Chief Operating Officer, and…

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