Action Plan: How to Become a Master Manager

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Action Plan: How to become a Master Manager? 1. Describe the learning goals you defined for the Management Skills course and explain the reasoning of each goal. I want to be more persuasive powerful communicator and defend my point of view in a clear understandable way. To my mind communication is one of the main parts of people’s everyday life. It is even more important to know how to talk to different people if you work in the team or lead the organization. As for me powerful communicator is the one who listens to others, substantiates her point of view clearly and in understandable way, gives good examples of what she is talking about, has a good background knowledge on the topic, is confident and uses also body language and other…show more content…
I think this is a good feature for working as the project manager because you give your subordinates a feeling that their thoughts and ideas are listened and considered and this is also a good way to inspire them to be more active in the discussions but a high-quality end result of the project requires more pro-active listening, when you also ask clarifying questions and give your own opinion on the topic. 5. How to strengthen your strengths? When the people try to strengthen their strengths they need to be very careful because like the old phrase says “too much of a good thing” may harm. I know that my strength is active listening and I want not only listen to the story of others but also ask clarifying questions or try to summarize what the person has said in order to get more information and to make clear that I’ve understood everything correctly. To reach this goal I would like during the next discussion on the ACT project to summarize ideas of the other team-members and build further on them. I want to do that during the each meeting the whole next period. I think I can manage conflicts. Next time if the conflict arises I will mention the facts and causes of the conflict in order to see if each party understands them in the same way. Then I will probably ask both parties what outcomes do they expect from the conflict and then we’ll negotiate what is the best resolution. 6. How to strengthen

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