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UNIVERSITY OF LA VERNE La Verne, California ACTION PLAN FOR CHANGE A Paper Submitted in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for MGMT 569: Conflict Management and Organizational Change Student’s Name College of Business and Public Management Department of Management and Leadership May 2014 Action Plan for Change Organizational Description The organization that is the subject of my action plan for change is the xxxx. The xxx has gone through many changes with the creation of a formal human resources division within recent years. Attempts to centralize the recruitment and hiring process in the human resources division with…show more content…
Additionally, there will be added transparency to the public by having job postings online and human resources staff will ensure records on recruitments are retained per legal requirements. With the new system hiring supervisors will be able to access information such as employment applications and reports that sort competencies through the portal. They will also be able to acquire new talent quicker than with the current process. Key Stakeholders The identified stakeholders associated with this change implementation are all hiring supervisors, human resources staff, department heads, general staff members, and members of the public who may be applying for a position at the xxxx . Hiring managers and human resources staff will be the most affected by this change, as they will be interacting with the online portal and using the new process more than others. Department heads will need to have a great understanding of the process, as they will be approving recruitments initiated by hiring managers. General staff members often accept paper applications from applicants, so they will need to understand the new process. Members of the public are also stakeholders, as they may be applying for a position and have vested interest in the success of the new process. Since I have acknowledged all of

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