Action Research Is Not Only Collect Data Essay

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The purpose of action research is not only collect data but to aim for useful data that can be used to change the lives around us. According to Esterberg, “action researchers see knowledge as power” (pg. 137) thus meaning if individuals can see the inequality around them and are educated on it then they can use the “power” to change society and promote equality.
2. Describe the three varieties of action research.
The three varieties of action research include participatory action research (PAR), feminism action research, and evaluation research. Participatory action research focuses on “the active participation of those being researched” (pg. 137). Meaning, there is a focus on equal participation between the researcher and the people being observed. Feminist action research is the promotion for change. There is an “emphasize on political action and critique of model of research that emphasize on hierarchal relationship between he researcher and those being researched” (pg. 139). Evaluation research is the evaluation of a program or policy. This type of researchers focus on collaborating on field notes and collecting interviews from areas they are observing.
3. What does Esterberg mean when she states that action research is focused on “democratizing” the research process?
When Esterberg states that action research is focused on “democratizing” the research process she is stating that the research is for everyone. Traditionally the researcher owns the work and data they
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