Action Research Is Way Of Learning Things With Different Types Of Means

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Action Research is way of learning things with different types of means. Some learn new things by doing it (O 'Brian, 1998). It could be through collaborative inquiry, participatory research, action learning or through contextual action (O’Brian, 2001). Basically, Action Research involves group of people working towards the same goals. For example, the company X created a group of 5 people to figure out the problem the company is facing such as to figure out ways that caused poor performance. In this case, they should identify what the major problem is, take steps to gather data and information, analyze them and work together to come with the best solution. Once they come up with the plan, they use that to see if their efforts are good enough to solve the issues. In this case, management decides whether it’s successful or not. If they are unsatisfied, they can ask the group to try again (O’Brian, 2001). In Action research, the researcher and the client work together in order to meet or achieve the targeted goals (Padak, 2015). There are different stages associated with this research such as identifying questions what are the major issues that need immediate care, collecting data and information from various sources so that one can understand what the real problem is. The real problem can only be found if you do immense research, analyze all the data and information and share the results with others in the research team (Padak, 2015). Action Research is a name that covers a

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