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REPUBLIC OF THE PHILIPPINES Department Of Education Region I Division of Pangasinan I District of Sta. Barbara II MATICMATIC ELEMENTARY SCHOOL APPROVAL SHEET ACTION RESEARCH FINAL PAPER This Action Research Final Paper entitled “ Increasing Pupil’s Performance in Science and Health VI through Remedial Classes in Maticmatic Elementary School during the school year 2011-2012” was undertaken and submitted by Susana E. Dalope of Maticmatic Elementary School, District of Sta. Barbara II. It has been read, examined and checked by the Division Evaluation Committee and being forwarded to the Office of the School Division Superintendent for approval. Noted: YOLANDA A. LOPEZ LILIA P. ANTENEO, Ed.D. Principal I…show more content…
III. RATIONALE OF THE STUDY Science holds a dominating place in the curriculum. This is so because every sector recognizes an increasing contribution of the discipline to the progress of the modern world as well as its traditional standing as an element of humanistic and scientific education. Its importance, as the key subject is common knowledge. Science has been recognized as a patent means of sharpening our competitive edge. As mandated in the Philippine Constitution, it is the duty of the schools to develop scientific and technology efficiency among the pupils and the students.Thus, it becomes necessary to evolve a strong science programs in all levels. So, the teaching of science should be effectively earned out so as to satisfy the national development goals. Science is a multifaceted subject, limitless in extent and depth, vital for science and technology, and rich in the cultural import. It offers a lot of challenges to an individual. Well-known scientist considered it is the key to success in many of the most powerful and prestigious jobs in our highly technical society. Without science, it is impossible to get into medicine, engineering, astronomers and most of the mobs requiring technical expertise. In school, however, pupils find the subject dull and difficult and dreary by many. More so, science in general is even considered by many as uninteresting or boring subject if not difficult or not applicable into their daily lives.
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