Action Research Plan. Strategies to improve word recognition skills

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Action Research Plan

Kristina Hopkins

Benedictine University


I am developing an action plan for my research on how to improve sight word vocabulary through various strategies. I will define an area of focus, define variables, develop questions, describe interventions and membership, negotiations, develop a timeline, a statement of resources, and develop data collection ideas. This plan will be very detailed and developed according to my research.


The purpose of this study is to find the best possible strategies to help students improve their sight word recognition skills. It will also improve their spelling and fluency as well.


I have
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• Can having a developmental disability affect overall learning?


In my classroom I will incorporate a few new strategies to my students on how to recognize their sight words. I will include flashcards, picture-to-text, writing, sky writing, movements, and computers to find what is most effective. My students that may have developmental disabilities will receive more one-on-one time with me, so that I know they are interpreting the information correctly.

Membership of the action research group:

I will be working with the reading specialist. Their role in action research will be to support me in my daily work and provide feedback in collaboration with other teachers. The reading specialist will help in developing lessons and understand instructional cycles. The reading specialist will also be collecting data that will help monitor the effects of my teaching.

Negotiations that need to be undertaken:

Since my action research will be conducted during my daily lessons, I don’t think that it is necessary to get permission from administrators or parents. I will in fact inform my principal of this action research, and share my proposal. If there is not a problem with my administrator I will then create a newsletter for my parents informing them of the action research. I will also speak with the other primary grade teachers, and see if they have any positive input while conducting this action research.
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